SOWDES is a certified irrigation designer and auditor, gaining accreditation through the Irrigation Association of Australia. Additionally, the owner of SOWDES holds a Science Degree in Agriculture & Irrigation from the Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga.

Whether your site requires irrigation for ornamental gardens, turf lawns, fruit or vegetable crops, pastures or even dust suppression, SOWDES can be of service to meet your needs. Coupled with 25 years experience in the plumbing and pump related industries including sales and service, a site specific design based on soil type, plant species and climate can be undertaken.

SOWDES has over 25 years experience in designing and installing systems to harvest rainwater for the use in sustainable and environmentally friendly applications. With the onset of hotter summers and drier rainfall patterns many households and community groups are investigating in alternative means of harvesting rainwater to supply water for gardening and other non-potable uses and therefore becoming less reliant on reticulated town water supplies.

At SOWDES we can design a complete rainwater harvesting system that intercepts, collects and delivers water to virtually any part of your property, and for almost any purpose. Systems that need to be pressurised to facilitate transfer or high flow requirements, or systems that need to be filtered to attain a certain quality can all be addressed by the expertise of SOWDES.