SOWDES provides a service that evaluates the potential risks posed by bush fires associated with property development in rural areas and uses the relevant New South Wales Rural Bush Fire Service guidelines and Australian Standards as the reference sources. With a Graduate Diploma in Bushfire Protection attained through the University of Western Sydney and as a member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA) SOWDES provides the most up-to-date information, science and professional approach to bushfire assessments in accordance with the current best practice guidelines.

At SOWDES we can undertake a site specific evaluation of a proposed development site and prepare a report that addresses construction standards and general bushfire protection measures to help reduce the risk associated with living in bushfire prone areas. Additionally, SOWDES can purpose design a drencher and fire protection system to help combat an approaching fire and provide assistance to the NSW Rural Fire Service by including a static water supply within the design. You may not be home to protect your valuable assets when the onset of a fire threat begins and therefore the NSW Rural Fire Service is expected to fill that role. Providing them with a purpose designed fire protection system and backup water supply will greatly enhance the chances of saving your property.