SOWDES is recognised in the fields of wastewater management assessments and geotechnical reporting for the purpose of designing site specific wastewater management systems for rural properties and for those properties that do not have access to a Council maintained sewer main. Wastewater management is more than a simple tank in the ground with a trench full of old rubber tyres. There is an associated science and a set of governing rules that regulate the ‘do’ and ‘do not’ practices of wastewater management at both the domestic and commercial levels. Often expert advice is required to sort through the science and the rules to ensure that the system installed is appropriate and compliant.

Wastewater management systems should be designed to the relevant standards, codes and guidelines, and therefore need to be site specific. Importantly though, consultation with the client is paramount, with discussion of all viable options and their inherent advantages or disadvantages fully recognised. This process ensures that the client is fully conversant and appreciative of the statutory responsibilities and potential maintenance issues associated with wastewater management systems.

Not all wastewater management systems are fail-proof with many systems becoming inappropriate over time. As regulations change due to improved knowledge and science, existing septic systems may suddenly become ‘non-compliant’ and in these instances remedial or alternate options may need to be sought. SOWDES specialises in designing remedial and alternate wastewater management systems for all existing sites, so if your system has ‘failed’ or ‘collapsed’, or does not comply with the relevant standards or codes then contact us.

Installing a proper and appropriate wastewater management system can be a very expensive and land consuming exercise – so don’t waste your money and time by adopting an ‘it will be right’ or ‘cheapest is best’ approach. Wastewater management systems are normally associated with life style choice and are therefore part of the investment process. Value your investment and the environment and have your wastewater management system designed by a professional.